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Which will be held evry week in London, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Barlen, Paris, Roma, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Dubai

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Which Accredited by the University of Western America and Harvard, Cambridge, and Manchester International Training Collages

The following are Quality and Productivity courses:

Hardening the Gates

Security information and Event Mangment

Implementing Standards for Blue Team

Defending Against Advanced Threats

Protecting the Critical Infrastructure

Information Security Architecture Principles

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Information Security Management Principles

Practical Risk Management

Cyber Security Standards

Information Risk Management

Business Continuity Management

Implementing Cyber Security Standards

Risk and Information Systems Control

Introduction to Information Security

Security fundamentals Bootcamp

Wireless ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Offensive security Operations

Introduction to Network Penetration Testing

Introduction to Web Penetration Testing

Introduction to Mobile Penetration Testing

Active defense and offensive countermeasures.

Advanced exploits development.

Advanced Web Penetration Testing

Exploits writing.

Automating InfoSec with Python.

Incident Response, and threat Hunting.

Network forensics analysis.

Windows based forensics analysis.

Unix based systems forensics analysis.

Threats intelligence Advanced smartphone forensics.

Threat Intelligence analysis.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Introduction to GSM security

Introduction to CDMA security

Analog Signal Descrambling

Detection of Modulation and Source Coding

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis

Introduction to Wireless Communications

Introduction to Telephone Networks

SDR Signal Reception and Analysis

Signal Modulation and Source Coding

Malware and Reverse engineering

Advanced Network forensics analysis

RAM/Memory Forensics analysis and Threat Hunting

AM/Memory Forensics analysis and Threat HuntingUtilizing Powershell for offensive operations

Cyber Security Incident Responder

Cyber Threat Hunter

Advanced Smartphone Forensics

Exploit development

Advanced Web Penetration Testing

Strategic Security Planning

Introduction to Cryptography

Intermediate Cryptographic Algorithms and Cryptanalysis

Secure Protocol Design and Analysis

Public Key Infrastructure

Advanced Cryptography

Windows Forensics

Cyber Incident Investigation

Cyber Technical Investigation

Responding to the Incidents

Battlefield Forensics & Data Acquisition

Advanced Memory Forensics & Threat Detection

Mac and iOS Forensic Analysis and Incident Response

Forensic Investigation Specialist

Incident Response for Managers

Natural Language Processing

Introduction to Machine Learning

Data Science for Security Professionals

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Cyber Threat Intelligence

The Guardians

Introduction to Defensive Cyber Security