Almjd for Quality and Human Resource Development invite you to participate in our training course:
Event Management Essentials

Which will be held evry week in London, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Barlen, Paris, Roma, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Dubai

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Mobile 00962795447255

Which Accredited by the University of Western America and Harvard, Cambridge, and Manchester International Training Collages

The following are Project , Procurement and Contracts courses:
Feasibility Studies - Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation
Project Scheduling and Planning Skills
Negotiating, Drafting and Understanding Contracts
Best Practices in Multishift Operations
Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating, and Cost Reduction
e-Procurement: Developing, Implementing and Managing the Complete Process
Project Start-up Seminar
Project Scheduling and Cost Planning Skills
Contract Excellence for Non -Legal Professionals
Purchasing Management Specialist
IT Project Management
The Essentials of Contracting
Warehouse Management Best Practices
Advanced Procurement Skills
Event Management Essentials
Construction Site Management and Supervision
Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating and Cost Reduction
Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management
Value Engineering Skills
Contracts - Reading, Writing and Negotiating
Tendering, Procurement and Negotiation Skills
Category Management in Procurement
Bootcamp for Project Management Professionals
Risk Assessment and Risk Management for Oil and Gas Projects
Service Level Agreements
The Complete Course on Inventory Management
Project Cost Estimating, Budgeting and Value Engineering Skills
Project Planning, Scheduling and Cost Estimating Skills
The Complete Course on Contracts and Project Management
The Complete Course on Purchasing and Inventory Management
Negotiating and Dispute Resolutions
Project Management Specialist
The Complete Course on Contracts Management
Supply Chain Best Practices
Project Management Essentials
The Complete Course on Contracts and Purchasing Management
The Complete Course on Project Management
Contracts Management Specialist
The Complete Course on Purchasing Management
Tendering, Procurement, and Negotiation Skills
The Essentials of Contracting and Contract Negotiation