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Strategies and techniques to prepare and manage contracts and reduce the financial and legal risks

Advanced trends in reviewing contracts and contractual liability

Writing judicial decisions, decisions of quasi-judicial committees, administrative committees and investigation committees in irregularities and grievances

Advanced contractual strategies and negotiation on contracts and claims

Modern principles to write and formulate contracts through legal and commercial provisions

Distinction and achieving professionalism in studying and processing the legal violations

Legal formulation for memoranda and correspondence

Developing judicial and administrative control skills in monitoring, inspection and controlling violations

Developing and refining legal properties to understand texts and exercising legal and judicial affairs

Resolution of disputes and claims

Negotiation skills, conclusion of contracts and completion of transactions

Technical principles of legal formula and developing the related skills

Integrated program in legal affairs

Lawable skills for illegal ones

The importance of administrative law in the work of public administration

Managing contracts, changeable commands and nodal claims and arbitration them

E-commerce contracts and electronic signature

Advanced techniques for investigations and administrative disputes

Distinction in managing tenders, specifications and contracts

Arts and skills of formulating and reviewing legislations, regulations and circulars

Managing contractual risks and preparing legal structures to resolve disputes

Negotiation strategies and contracts formulation

Techniques and best practices in drafting, auditing and analyzing contracts

Technical and legal aspects of tenders and bids

Evaluating efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory basis to contract completion process

Evaluate the risks of fraud in contracts and detect the fraud from the legal aspect

Principles of legal interpretation and writing legal memos

Audit and review contracts, detect irregularities and scam

Legal affairs management and legal electronic consultant

commercial arbitration strategies and solving disbutes

Skills to formulate systems, legal lists and administrative decisions

Developing the skills of legal affairs and the use of information systems technology

Advanced strategies to plan and prepare contracts and tenders

Legal basis to prepare contracts, memos and decisions

Legal disputes arising from bank transactions and ways to solve them

Modern skills in prepare administrative contracts and avoid common mistakes

Integrated program to prepare international commercial arbitrators

Advanced techniques to detect the fraud in contracts and determine the voidable contract

Skills to write legal briefs and lawsuits

Methods of writing, legal translation for contracts, lists and legislation

Methods and procedures for preparing judicial police

Advanced development and legal innovation for jurists and members of the legal department

Strategies to prepare and manage contracts and tenders, reduce risks, evaluate claims and arbitrations, avoid disputes and solve them
Modern strategies in construction contract management - FIDIC

The Problem of Wage and its Dependencies in Labor Disputes

Preparing bids, making and executing them

Evaluate and measure the effectiveness of contracts management and contractual obligations

Writing contracts and avoiding legal disputes

Technical foundations for drafting construction contracts

Legal aspects in administrative investigations and sanctions signature

Typical formulation for administrative contracts

Protection of intellectual property rights in the field of computers and the Internet

Writing and legal translation and legislative drafting techniques and contracts design

Modern standards in preparing, formulating and submitting legal notes

Advanced strategies in arbitration, negotiation and contracts preparation

Technical preparation of legal consultants

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Egy Mob: 00201140005444