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Manage modern marketing using Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Certified Business Development Professional

Strategy for marketing plans preparation and sales activation

Marketing Crisis Management

Advanced Skills and Arts of Marketing Planning Management
Excellence and creativity in customer service CMP and effective marketing

Certificate in Retail Management
Marketing information system
Managing Senior Customer Accounts: Creating and sustaining profitable customer relationships

Marketing and selling of Shariah-compliant banking products
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Strategic marketing planning (modern tools and tracking market forces)-Advanced level

Methods of preparing marketing plans

Methods and Mechanization of Selling and Buying Systems under E- Commerce framework

Strategies of planning and developing existing and new product

Effective promotion of banking products

The art of selling & how to convince customer

new strategies in planning and works for the employees in tourism bodies and ministries

Marketing research and decision making support

Integrated marketing and sales management system

Professional Course in Customer Services

How to Lead a bank Sales Team

Marketing and selling Sharia compliant banking products

Modern marketing strategies to enter the local and global markets

Consultative and Digital Selling course

Marketing of credit cards & its fraud methods

Modern methods to activate the marketing process and increase sales

How to use internet for advertising

Real Estate Marketing & Sales
Purchasing Professional skills PPS

Research and Developments management

Best practices in handling customer complaints

Strategies of Deal-making

Organizing exhibitions and special shows
E-marketing & Search engine optimization SEO

Effective management and organizational aspects of sales forces

Selling Negotiation Skills

Sales and Distribution Management

Analysis of customer behavior

Leadership and excellence skills in sales and marketing services

Art of Sales abroad and skills of dealing with customers
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Modern requirements of external export markets (legal - procedures - regulations)

Marketing strategies to enter the local and global markets

Key Performance Indicators for Sales Management

Negotiation skills during sales meetings

Leadership skills for managing social media sites

New marketing and promotion skills

E-commerce and E-marketing

Preparing marketing and sales managers

The concept of strategic selling & its impact on customer acquisition and retention

Presentation skills for Sales staff

Marketing Management for Consumer goods

Integrated system for customer service and Excellence in service quality & Skills of dealing with customers and auditors according to the total quality approach

Developing marketing skills for industrial companies in the Arab countries

Prepare marketing managers according to the modern strategies for large companies

Integrated promotional strategies for business organizations

advanced Trends and techniques in selling and sales

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Egy Mob: 00201140005444