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Advanced processes for risk analysis and leadership methods

Sentinel thought and preventive prediction skills in the crisis management

Facing of dangerous materials incidents

Advanced course in security of vital facilities

Safety and fire protection On-board of the Offshore oil platforms

Overall leadership of crisis teams and management of communications under emergency and pressures

Defensive leadership and first aid for road accidents
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Excellence in risk management, prevention, control, risk monitoring and analysis of accidents

Security predictions for the prevention of crime

Fire dangers and methods of protection from it and combating it

Dealing with dangerous materials

Advanced techniques in preparing of the emergency, rescue and evacuation plans

Modern concepts in protection of vital facilities and residential communities

Security engineering to secure the vital and sensitive facilities and planning for emergency management

Security investigation and interrogation skills

Security engineering to protect vital facilities and dealing with insurgents

Prevention from fire in the industrial, residential and service facilities

Modern methods for fire-fighting and prevention from its risks

Advanced procedures to conducting an assessment and estimating and risk analysis for all the workplaces

Engineering design requirements of facilities in order to avoid the occurrence of fires

Modern trends in supervision readiness and response to emergencies

Modern trends for security inspections and conducting security surveys for sensitive facilities

Strategies of securing facilities against sabotage

Preparation and implementation of vital facilities protection and management strategy and performance measurement

Prevention and control and monitoring of risks and analysis of accidents

Investigation, surveillance and criminal investigation procedures

Investigating the causes of the fire officers of the GCC countries

Organizational skills to manage and lead emergency, rescue and evacuation operations

Evacuation of facilities on emergencies and disasters

Management of Safety from Fire

How to fire prevention and developed fire-fighting techniques

Technical reports writing and investigation in fire incidents in the industrial and oil facilities

Criminal security negotiations management

Dangerous wastes management and pollution prevention

Methods of fire-fighting and the prevention of dangers

Inspecting and identifying the effects of machine guns and firearms

Plan of evacuation for buildings fires
Incidents investigation management, analysis of its causes and estimate the losses

Strategies of disaster and fire systems management

Petroleum fires , prevention measures and combating techniques

Technology of securing facilities against fires and explosions and advanced engineering of technical firefighting

Preparation of security plans to the prevention of crime

Preparing of security policy for the facility

Technology of security against fires and engineering of advanced technical firefighting

Procedures of arrest and inspection

Environmental systems management and technology of controlling the environmental pollution

Basics and rules of accidents prevention

Prevention and combating of fire systems

Developing the skills of security supervisors

Renewing and developing the vitality of the security apparatus of the facilities

Design of security network and security survey

Protection measures against the potential dangers in the framework of institute

Setting the security procedures for the protection of strategic oil and banking facilities

Monitoring and measuring security performance in the facility

Securing oil and gas tanks and combating oil fires
Determining of the probabilities of risks during the operating process (HAZOP)

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ksa Mob:00966583360337
Egy Mob: 00201140005444