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Prepare an internal auditor for food safety systems in hospitals (HACCP)

Training Specialist on infection prevention and medical waste management

Advanced skills in first aid

Hospital Organizational Structure

Quality Management of Medical and Total Quality in Hospitals

Developing patient care skills

Objectives and challenges of public health

Operating Professional Medical Clinics program

Principles and foundations of public health and first aid

the concept of health informatics

quality assurance system in hospitals
Good distribution practices GDP for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical industries

Health Quality Management

Economics of Health Services and Health Insurance

Recent trends in nursing administration

Recent trends in government and private hospitals management

Recent trends in hygiene management and public health

Recent trends in manage and organize the hospitals

Integrated management of hospitals and medical institutions

Modern methods and health standards in infection control

Strategic management in health care institutions

Modern management of warehouses and warehouses

Rehabilitation Program for nutrition specialists in hospitals

Medical equipment for hospitals

Health planning for preventive health work

Medical coding

How to Deal with clinical waste

Excellence in the management of health and medical services

oversight in health institutions

Specialized Medical Secretarial

Medical Review

Automated systems in hospital management

Modern systems in medical records management

Modern systems in the management and documentation of medical records

Clinical waste

Management of crisis and emergency plans in hospitals and health organizations

department management in health facilities and institutions

Total quality management in Medical analysis laboratories

Waste management and infection control in hospitals

Hospital Management and Health Services

Human resources management in hospitals

Management and quality of medical laboratories

The basics of health control on food

Methods of analysis and control of stock in hospitals

Identification of natural, biological and chemical hazards related to food safety

Quality Improvement in Hospital Nutrition Department

Classification and coding and indexing of diseases and operations

Techniques of laboratory testing and food inspection

Developing the physicians' supervisory skills

Necessary Health service package

The course of therapeutic devices and the mechanism of detecting faults of medical devices

Balanced performance records in health care institutions to develop and implement key performance indicators

Quality Control and assurance for Lab medical test
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Skills of using Access in the design of medical databases for hospitals

Infection Control system in hospitals and health care units

Surgical services system inside of hospitals

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ksa Mob:00966583360337
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