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Presentation skills, presentation and effective media impact

Economic news writing and editing

Preparation of the press office with institutions and organizations

Technological innovations in Television production field

International media and communication technology

Comprehensive television journalist

Digital Media Specialist
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Skills of dealing with the media (official speaker)

Economic and oil and environmental media

Media crisis management

Media skills and distinctive methods numbers of schemes and media research and information

What makes a good reporters and presenters

Writinng Media and press reporting

Intensive program in media relations

Media skills for public relations

Modern strategies in planning media and advertising campaigns

Programs Production & News coverage

Skills of casting, communicating and influencing the public

Writing for radio and television

Media management in major companies

Excellence media skills and methods of preparing media plans

Rules governing the media

Planning for Effective ad campaigns

Monitoring and managing social media

Specialized program in press office management

Advertising and promotional campaign planning methods

TV Director

Preparation and submission of press programs

Recent trends for how to form newspaper or magazine

The legal rules governing the media work
Basics of prepare and write a press release (articles and reports)

Skills of editing and press release for public relations staff

Etiquette procedures, protocol and Skills of dealing with VIPs and leaders

Risks and crisis management

Media skills development for administrators

Strategies design & Modern media plans

Developing the capabilities of official spokesman

Specialized program in press office management

Basics and skills of press edit

Political media analysis

Electronic Press and professional editing skills

Effective communications and information systems during crises and disasters

Modern skills in preparing, editing and presenting media programs

Newsroom Management

Modern technological methods in TV directing and editing

Strategies design & Modern media plans

Strategy of Relationship Management and Media Orientation for public organizations

Management skills & Media regulation

The art of journalistic editing and summarizing reports

Summarizing skills and Accuracy Standards for press editing

Presenting talk shows

Transmitting and receiving technique for Digital television

Environmental Media

Investigative Journalism

Advanced skills in printed and electronic press

Create flyers and brochures & skill of Editing, Directing and photojournalism

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ksa Mob:00966583360337
Egy Mob: 00201140005444