Quality Management & Production.

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Quality Management & Production.


Applying HACCP Principals for the food Services Industry

(ISO 2000)

9001:2015 ( )

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(Business process reengineering (BPR

Environmental management in the oil industry

( 31000)
Risk management & assessment for engineers according to international standards ISO 31000

(Supply Chain Management (SCM

Six sigma

Quality Assurance Specialist

Rehabilitation Quality Control Manager

ISO 27025
Awareness and application of the quality system in the laboratory ISO 27025

ISO TS 16949
Awareness and application of the quality management system in the automotive industry ISO TS 16949

Statistical process control

Management of quality improvement course

Process capability course

Statistical Process control for quality by using a program MINITAB

Different ways to assess the quality of agricultural products course

Quality in Hospitality course

ISO 17025
Total quality management in laboratory ISO 17025 course

Measuring the role of quality control course

- 17025/2005
Internal audit program for testing and calibration laboratories - ISO 17025/2005 course

- 17025/2005
Internal audit program for testing and calibration laboratories - ISO 17025/2005 course

Technology labs and adjust the quality of drinking water course

9000 / 2008 ( - )
Integrated program for the definition ISO 9000/2008 (elements - qualification requirements) course

Total quality management in procurement, warehousing system and the MRP course

Eight factors to create a sustainable quality management system course

Discrimination and innovation in the management of public services under the total quality approach course

Laboratory analysis of the data course

Application of quality in academic education course

Total Quality concepts in the local administration and municipal applications course

Statistical analysis of quality systems "spss" course

Excellence in performance through the entrance of 6 Sigma course

Common Mistakes to quality applications course

Security standards and biological safety and quality assurance in laboratories course

How do you achieve excellence for your organization through total quality management course

Strategic Planning in the product development and the achievement of the overall qualitycourse

Balanced performance of human resources and ensuring quality management cards course

Product Management and Operations Research CNC course

Asset quality and professional ethics foundations course

Overall quality and systems analysis and rationalization of performance measurement course

Improve administrative operations mediator production and the development of the final product specifications course

Building and assess the institutional capacity of institutions in light of the overall quality course

Basic skills and concepts of quality systems course

( )
Internal Audit of Quality Systems (ISO) course

SIX Sigma came-bbc
The program preparatory to get a black belt in SIX Sigma came-bbc course

The application of comprehensive quality systems requirements course

Improve the quality and reduce the costs of quality course

Great preparation auditors certified ISO 9001/2008 course

Total quality management as an input to the competitive excellence course

Chemical laboratory equipment and tools Quality course

Control and documentation of quality systems course

Quality Control Information Systems adjust the output quality course

Great preparation auditors certificate ISO 14001/2004 course

Documented quality control course

Quality management processes to reach the administrative excellence course

According to the international standards of quality control monitoring course

Management of the security crisis, according to the global quality system course

ISO9001 2000
Modern global standards ISO9001 - 2000 course

ISO 14001
EMS ISO 14001 course

ISO9001 2008
Modern global standards ISO9001 - 2008 course

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